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About Occasional papers

ASSA's Occasional Papers series published academic papers from social sciences disciplines which addressed public policy and other issues. ASSA Occasional Papers, including Occasional Papers (Policy Papers) and Occasional Papers (Census Series), were peer reviewed, and were aimed at a broad audience, including interested but non-academic readers. ASSA Occasional Papers (ISSN: 1323-7136) are printed in hard copy, and available for free download. Some older issues in the Occasional Papers series published non-peer reviewed Academy proceedings, and in particular lectures. These issues of the Occasional Papers series are designated accordingly, and include Occasional Papers (Cunningham Lectures), and Occasional Papers (Policy Discussion Papers). From late 2010, all non-peer reviewed ASSA publications can be found in Academy Proceedings.

Year Title Author
1999 Occasional Paper 1999/3 - Pushing back the frontiers of death ... Professor John C Caldwell AO
1999 Occasional Paper 1999/1 - Shared space - divided cultures: Australia today ... Professor Fay Gale AO
2000 Occasional Paper 2000/2 - Reforming higher education ... Peter Karmel
2000 Occasional Paper 2000/1 - Facts and fancies of human development ... Ian Castles
2001 Occasional Paper 2001/2 - Australia Fair ... Emeritus Professor Hugh Stretton
2001 Occasional Paper 2001/1 - Thinking peace, making peace ... Margaret Jolly and Barry Hindess
2003 Occasional Paper 2003/1 - Before the bough breaks: doing more for our children in ... Fiona Stanley
2004 Occasional Paper 2004/2 - Social science research and public policy: narrowing the divide ... Professor Meredith Edwards
2004 Occasional Paper 2004/1 - The case for increased taxation ... Dr Michael Keating
2005 Occasional Paper 2005/4 - Re-thinking Australian governance - the Howard legacy ... Paul Kelly
2005 Occasional Paper 2005/3 - Leadership observed: roles, decisions, character, relationships and journeys ... Professor Leon Mann
2005 Occasional Paper 2005/2 - Uncertainty and climate change: the challenge for policy ... John W Zillman, Warwick J McKibbin and Aynsley Kellow
2005 Occasional Paper 2005/1 - The Esteem Engine: a resource for institutional design ... Professor Geoffrey Brennan
2006 Occasional Paper 2006/2 - Income contingent loans as public policy ... Professor Bruce Chapman
2006 Occasional Paper 2006/1 - Wages policy in an era of deepening wage inequality ... Chris Briggs, John Buchanan and Ian Watson
2007 Occasional Paper 2007/3 - World order under stress: issues and initiatives for the 21st ... Robert O'Neill
2007 Occasional Paper 2007/2 - Building democracy and justice after conflict ... Professor Hilary Charlesworth AM
2007 Occasional Paper 2007/1 - Learning to read in Australia ... Max Coltheart and Margot Prior
2008 Occasional Paper 2008/3 - The labour market, skills demand and skills formation ... Professor Phil Lewis
2008 Occasional Paper 2008/2 - Public Service independence and responsiveness: striking a balance ... Dr Jenny Stewart
2008 Occasional Paper 2008/1 - Population and Australia's future labour force ... Peter McDonald and Glenn Withers
2008 Occasional Paper 2008/4: CS#2 - Lives of diversity: Indigenous Australia ... Dr Maggie Walter
2008 Occasional Paper 2008/3: CS#1 - Creative Australia: the arts and culture in australian work and ... Professor David Throsby
2008 Occasional Paper 2008/5: CS#3 - Housing: mirror and mould for Australian society ... Professor Andrew Beer
2009 Occasional Paper 2009: CS#4 - Living alone in Australia: Trends in sole living and characteristics ... David de Vaus and Sue Richardson
2010 Occasional Paper 2010/6 - International student futures in Australia: a human rights perspective on ... Andrew Jakubowicz and Devaki Monani
2010 Occasional Paper 2010/5 - Racism and the tertiary student experience in Australia ... Professor Adam Graycar
2010 Occasional Paper 2010/3 - Bringing the 'R' word back: regulation, environment protection and NRM Neil Gunningham and Cameron Holley
2010 Occasional Paper 2010/1 - Designing the structure for Australia's health system ... Professor Jane Hall
2010 Occasional Paper 2010: CS#5 - Beyond life expectancy ... Professor Diane Gibson