Emeritus Professor Anthony Low AO

MA, DPhil (Oxford), PhD, LittD (Cambridge), FAHA, FRHistS

Elected: 1975
Discipline: History   (Panel C)

Specialisation: modern India, East Africa, Commonwealth

Professor Anthony Low is a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University, and an Emeritus Professor of the University of Cambridge; formerly Vice-Chancellor of the ANU, and Smuts Professor of the History of the British Commonwealth and President of Clare Hall in the University of Cambridge. His specialist interests are in the 19th and 20th century histories of India and of Africa, and in the history of the Commonwealth.

Key appointments



  • Low, D A. Editor and Contributor (2004) Congress and the Raj: Facets of the Indian Struggle 1917 - 1947, pp 513 Second Edition. Delhi: Oxford University Press.
  • Low, D A (2002) Pakistan and India: Political Legacies from the Colonial Past, South Asia, XXV, 2, August 2002, pp 257 - 72.
  • Low, D A (2001) Keith Hancock: The Legacies of an Historian. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press.
  • Low, D A (1997) Britain and Indian Nationalism: The Imprint of Ambiguity, 1929 - 1942, pp 358. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Low, D A (1996) The Egalitarian Moment: Asia and Africa 1950 - 1980, pp 131. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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