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The Workshop Program is a principal component of the Academy’s promotion of excellence in social science research. Through the Workshop Program, the Academy facilitates collective intellectual work in the social sciences in Australia. Its aim is to position itself at the forefront of science science research, to identify issues of national concern, and to focus the attentions of specialists in the social sciences on them.

The workshops are interdisciplinary gatherings of around 20 experts, primarily academic, but often also including government, community, and private sector representatives, as well as at least two early career researchers. They meet for two days to discuss and debate an issue of contemporary importance to the social sciences and public policy.

The Workshop Program has been recognised as providing an important arena for intellectual exchange and innovation, a mechanism for exploring connections between research and policy, and as a valuable means of supporting early career researchers. An indirect outcome of the program is the establishment of continuing research collaborations and networks, often multi-disciplinary in nature.

Workshop events are by invitation only and are not open to the public, although a report is produced on the outcome of the workshop. Additionally, most workshops result in a publication.

The Workshop Program is a competitive program conferring grants assisting researchers in the social sciences to convene a two-day, multidisciplinary research workshop.

Workshops will be funded to a maximum of $9,000, which includes provision for $1,500 towards the cost of a digested analysis paper.

Processes and Procedures

Those wishing to submit a proposal for an ASSA Workshop should follow the ASSA Workshop application guidelines and use the Workshop Program application form, which change each year and indicate the program year.

(NOTE: To fill in the application form you will need to open the application form document and use the File/Save As function. Once you have saved the Application form to your computer you can then open it and fill in the fields. Best results are achieved by using a computer operating in a Microsoft Windows environment. These forms will be made available below only when the call for applications to the Workshop Program is made, and the application period is open).

The call for proposals is issued in April/May each year and closes in September. Decisions on the outcomes of the applications are usually communicated to applicants before the end of the year.

The call for proposals for workshops to be held in 2018- 2019 is now CLOSED.


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