The Digital Economy: opening up the conversation

This submission focusses on the questions posed in the discussion paper. It has been informed by Fellows of the Academy, reports prepared by the Academy and by Securing Australia’s Future reports prepared by the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) for Australia’s Chief Scientist as part of the Securing Australia’s Future Program. The Academy recognizes that:

  • the digital economy affects all industries but not equally and that dealing with impacts will require multidisciplinary research responses. However, to take best advantage of opportunities presented by the digital economy requires getting the fundamentals (including generic and specific skills and education, data and collaboration) right.
  • to maximize the advantages of the digital economy, it will require policy settings and regulation that let innovators flourish but, more importantly, support slower adopters of technology to catch up. Greatest economic gain can be had from bringing everyone up to speed.
  • technology in the digital economy should be a force for good. It should improve access for remote communities, it should improve environmental protection, it should lead to an inclusive and cohesive society and it should generate a flexible and resilient citizenry…

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