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Challenges for the social sciences and Australia

Challenges for the social sciences and Australia is the eleventh research training strategy to be produced with support from the ARC Evalutation Program. It presents abundant evidence of the quality of social science research in Australia and its contribution to the nation. The review also questions whether Australia makes the best use of that research […]

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Creating unequal futures?

One in six Australian kids live below the poverty line. Among the 25 leading industrialised countries, Australia has the fifth highest child poverty rate. This is a useful, if stark, indicator of the extent of long-term disadvantage in this country. Creating unequal futures? brings together eight of Australia’s leading social scientists to introduce the reader […]

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Investing in social capital

Investing in social capital is about the future of Australia as a knowledge economy and learning society. It is a critical discussion of postgraduate education in the social sciences, something which has long been overdue. For while much fine work is being done in the social sciences, not all is well–and when the social sciences […]

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The price of prosperity

‘A powerful analysis of the crippling effects of unemployment on people, families and communities by some of Australia’s leading social scientists… A landmark volume of substance and significance.’ – Professor Leon Mann ‘At last the true dimensions of the unemployment problem are identified and carefully analysed. A major contribution to the debate on one of our […]

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Community sustainability in rural Australia

What factors underpin the sustainability of our rural communities and how sustainable are they? This important new book presents six detailed case studies of community sustainability in rural Australia–Narrogin (WA), the Gilbert Valley (SA), ‘Tarra’ (Victoria), Tumbarumba and Guyra (NSW) and Monto (Old). The authors draw on the concept of ‘capitals’–natural, human, social, institutional and […]

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Sustainability and change in rural Australia

By addressing themes such as social and economic change, government policy and gender relations, this volume tackles the thematic complexities of sustainability. At the heart of this discussion lies a desire to understand how small rural communities have survived in the past; how they are shaped by environmental, economic and social factors at present; and […]

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Rethinking wellbeing

Rethinking wellbeing was inspired by debates about measurements of health, happiness and wellbeing that pay inadequate attention to social structural factors and the economic and cultural contexts in which people live. The critique is as timely now as ever. In this volume, resulting from an Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia research project, social […]

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No time to lose

A landmark investigation of the state of children’s well-being in Australia, with contributions from Sue Richardson, Margot Prior, Steve Zubrick, Sven Silburn, Janet McCalman, Johanna Wyn and more. Young Australians have borne the brunt of the immense changes in the nation’s social and economic life since the mid-1970s. While many children are thriving and optimistic, […]

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Management ethics

Ethics has become big business but have businesses become ethical? This is a central question for today’s managers. Managing ethics is critical in an era characterized by unprecedented corporate power and a myriad of competing ethical traditions. Giving new insights into the understanding of ethics for today’s organization practice and managerial behaviour, this timely volume, […]

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Government managing risk through income contingent loans conference

Income Contingent Loans (ICLs) have a long history in labour economics. Indeed, Australian labour economists have played a seminal role in the conceptual development of the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) in Australia – a process which demonstrated how such policies can overcome real issues for ICLs in a practical and effective manner. This Issue […]

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Transforming a ‘White Australia’: Issues of racisim and immigration

Following on the success of his publication Racism, immigration and the law, the University of Western Australia’s Emeritus Professor Laksiri Jayasuriya AM has expanded his study of Australia’s multiculturalism in his latest offering Transforming a ‘white Australia’. This volume explores the dramatic changes in Australian society since the advent of mass immigration post-World War II […]

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