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Drivers of change

Understanding current patterns of work and changes in the nature of work is central to comprehending our present situation. Trying to assess likely changes in the demand for and supply of workers, and the products and services they create, is critical to understanding how the nation may develop over the next decade. Acknowledging this, the […]

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Abbott’s Gambit

This book provides a truly comprehensive analysis of the 2013 federal election in Australia, which brought the conservative Abbott government to power, consigned the fractious Labor Party to the Opposition benches and ended the ‘hung parliament’ experiment of 2010–13 in which the Greens and three independents lent their support to form a minority Labor government. […]

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Growth and Cycles in Australia’s Wine Industry

This volume provides time series data for the major wine regions of Australia from the 1840s, to complement a volume on global wine markets (published in December 2011) and one on where the various winegrape varieties are grown in the world (published in December 2013), both by University of Adelaide Press.

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Corruption: A Very Short Introduction

Corruption is one of the biggest global issues, ahead of extreme poverty, unemployment, the rising cost of food and energy, climate change, and terrorism. In this Very Short Introduction Series Leslie Holmes considers why the international community has only highlighted corruption as a problem in the past two decades, despite its presence throughout the millennia.

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Inside Australia’s Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials

Timely, piercing and in regard to Australia’s first set of laws national laws were enacted to combat the threat of terrorism, written with the benefit of hindsight, this book asks whether Australia really needed to enact anti-terrorism laws in the first place, let alone add to them? And more tellingly,  the book asks whether seeing these […]

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Social Transformation and Migration

This book, an outcome of an 2013 ASSA workshop, examines theories and specific experiences of international migration and social transformation, with special reference to the effects of neo-liberal globalization on four societies with vastly different historical and cultural characteristics: South Korea, Australia, Turkey and Mexico.

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Post Keynesian Economics

John King sets out the distinctive features of Post Keynesian economics and their implications for the assessment of alternative proposals for domestic and international macroeconomic policy. He begins by outlining the core elements of Post Keynesian theory and explains how it differs from other schools, including the so-called ‘Old Keynesian’ and ‘New Keynesian’ theories. Subsequent […]

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Apologies and the Legacy of Abuse of Children in ‘Care’ : International Perspectives

This collection examines the inquiries into the historical abuse of children in care which have proliferated across Western countries over the last twenty years, positioning them as a new area within the field of transitional justice. Drawing on the experience of care-leaver advocates, historians, archivists, museum professionals, social workers, lawyers and psychologists who have been […]

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Identity Troubles: An Introduction

The book, Identity Troubles, by  Professor Anthony Elliott FASSA, documents various contemporary mutations of identity – from robotics to biomedicine, from cosmetic surgery to digital lives – and considers their broader social, cultural and political consequences.

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Iran at the Crossroads

In this incisive analysis, Amin Saikal, a leading expert on Iranian politics, traces Iran s transition from pro-Western monarchy to Islamic Republic and explores the choices open to Rouhani s moderate reformist government.

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MENZIES: The Shaping of Modern Australia

Menzies: the Shaping of Modern Australia, edited by J R Nethercote, is the first volume in the Menzies Research Centre’s Living Legacy collection and includes contributions by ASSA Fellow J. J. Pincus. Other contributors include David Kemp, Henry Ergas, Anne Henderson, John Howard, Margaret Fitzherbert, Peter Edwards,  Mikayla Novak, and Anne Twomey.

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The Last Battle: soldier settlement in Australia 1916-1939

  When Australian soldiers returned from the First World War they were offered the chance to settle on ‘land fit for heroes’. Promotional material painted a picture of prosperous farms and contented families, appealing to returned servicepeople and their families hoping for a fresh start. Yet just 20 years after the inception of these soldier […]

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Population Ageing and Australia’s Future

This volume provides evidence from many of Australia’s leading scholars from a range of social science disciplines to support policies that address challenges presented by Australia’s ageing population. It builds on presentations made to the 2014 Symposium of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. The Academy acknowledges the contributions and efforts by editors and ANU […]

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Ngoanyana: A South African Story

Ngoanyana: A South African Story is a vivid portrayal of growing up White in apartheid-era South Africa. Combining the author’s personal history with that of his nation, Ngoanyana is a poignant story, honestly told, with lessons for us all about political power, the problems still faced by South Africa, and reconciliation.

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