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Issue 4/2012: Social determinants of health research roundtable

In September 2012, in partnership with the Public Health Association Australia, an Academy roundtable addressed the most important questions around social determinants of health and health equity. The event was convened at the headquarters of the National Health and Medical Research Council, with an aim to identify practical areas for policy influence, and how these […]

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Issue 3/2012: The case for pluralism in economics

I do not need to say very much about Keith Hancock’s work in economics, as the Festschrift edited by Joe Isaac and Russell Lansbury provides both a comprehensive survey of his writings and a bibliography that is complete to 2004. As someone with a joint honours degree in economics and history and a PhD supervised at the London School […]

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Issue 2/2011: Sustainable population strategy

The debate about what constitutes a sustainable population for Australia has been long running, intermittent and often ill-informed. The recent release of population projections that estimate an additional 13 million Australians by 2050 resulted in a dichotomised debate ‘for’ and ‘against’ population growth. However, the issue of population sustainability is much more complex than this […]

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Issue 1/2011: Critical issues facing Australia to 2025

Work is central to our wellbeing—as a nation, as a community and as individuals and families. The future of work, the changes in employment patterns, and what skills will be required, will be intimately related to the changes over the years ahead in our economy and our technology, our natural environment, our demographic trends, our […]

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Issue 1/2010 (CL): What if mainstream science is right?

The integrated wisdom of mainstream science and mainstream economics identifies risks to established patterns of human civilisation from unmitigated or weakly mitigated climate change. These risks are important in all countries, and greater in Australia than in any other developed country. They have been more elaborately analysed in Australia than in most other countries, and […]

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Multiculturalism and Integration: A harmonious relationship

It is often argued that Australian multiculturalism as a public policy has never been explained. This is quite untrue, but it remains true that changes of emphasis between governments of different persuasions have created a confusing impression. Different usages of the term in various European and North American democracies have added to this confusion. However, […]

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