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Professor Tim Dunne

BA (Hons) (E.Anglia), MPhil (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)

Elected: 2016

Discipline: Political Science


Professor TIM DUNNE is Executive Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland where he is also Professor of International Relations in the School of Political Science and International Studies. Previously he was Director of UQ’s Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, where he continues to be a Senior Researcher. Before taking up his appointment at UQ he was Dean of the College of Social Sciences at the University of Exeter in the UK.  He has written and edited twelve books mainly on International Relations theory and increasingly on issues to do with human protection in the context of complex emergencies. Professor Dunne regularly contributes to influential blog sites both in Australia and internationally.


Tim Dunne and Christian Reus-Smit, eds., The Globalization of International Society, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017 (in press).

Alex Bellamy and Tim Dunne eds., The Oxford Handbook of the Responsibility to Protect,  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016, pp. 1129

Tim Dunne, Milja Kurki, Steve Smith eds., International Relations Theories: Discipline and Diversity (Oxford: OUP, 3rd edition, 2016, fourth edition), pp. 364.

Tim Dunne, Lene Hanson, Colin Wight, ‘The End if IR theory?’  European Journal of International Relations 19.3 (2013), pp. 405-425

Ken Booth and Tim Dunne, Terror in our Time (Routledge: London and New York, 2012), pp. 230.


Website: https://hass.uq.edu.au/
Email: tim.dunne [at] uq.edu.au

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