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Professor Pauline McGuirk

BA (Hons) (Dublin), H.Dip.Edu (Dublin), PhD (Human Geography) (Dublin)

Elected: 2016

Discipline: Geography

Specialisation: Urban political geography, Urban governance, Urban low carbon and energy transition, Urban regeneration


My main interests are in the critical study of urban governance, its changing geographies, practices and politics. My work unpacks the emergence of new alliances, territories, sites and practices of urban governance over diverse domains (from private neighbourhoods, to urban regeneration, to carbon reduction and energy) and the differential implications for urban places, communities and power. I am increasingly interested in critically exploring the processes and practices involved in making 'smart cities' in Australia and how this might change cities and their governance.


Co-Editor, Progress in Human Geography (Sage) 2015-

Professor, School of Geography and Sustainable Communities, The University of Wollongong (UOW), 2016

Professor (appointed), Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, The University of Newcastle, 2007

Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, The University of Newcastle, 2005

Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography, The University of Newcastle, 1999

Lecturer, Department of Geography, The University of Newcastle, 1993


Fellow, Institute of Australian Geographers

Fellow, Geographical Society of NSW

Visiting Professor, Maynooth University 2014

Visiting Fellow, Durham University, 2003



McGuirk PM, Mee K, Ruming R, (2016) Assembling urban regeneration? Resourcing critical
generative accounts of urban regeneration through assemblage thinking, Geography
Compass 10, 3

McGuirk PM, Bulkeley H, Dowling R, (2015) Configuring carbon governance in the city: insights from
Sydney, Australia, Annals of the Association of American Geographers 106, 145-166

McGuirk PM, Dowling R and Bulkeley H, (2014) Repositioning urban governments? Energy efficiency
and Australia’s changing climate and energy governance regimes, Urban Studies, 51, 2717-2734

McGuirk PM, Bulkeley H and Dowling R, (2014) Practices, programs and projects of urban carbon
governance: perspectives from the Australian city, Geoforum, 52, 137–147,

McGuirk PM, (2012) Geographies of urban politics:pathways, intersections, intentions, Geographical Research, 50, 256–268


Website: socialsciences.uow.edu.au/dgsc/index.html
Email: pmcguirk [at] uow.edu.au
Work Phone: 02 4221 3124

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