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Professor Philip Adams

BEc (Hons) (Monash), MCom (Melbourne), PhD (Economics) (Melbourne)

Elected: 2016

Discipline: Economics

Specialisation: Economic modelling, Policy analysis


Professor Philip Adams has worked for 26 years at the Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS), one of the largest research centres in the world specialising in economic modelling. For ten years (2004-2013) he was CoPS’ Director. His current research interests are the economics of climate change and climate-related policies, and economic policy modelling in developing countries. He has completed a wide range of projects for Australian federal and state governments, assisting them in model development and model-applications to issues associated with the climate and Greenhouse Gas emissions. Recently, he has led overseas modelling projects in Uganda, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman and South Africa. 


2014-                   Research Professor (level E), Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS), Victoria University.

2004-2013            Director and Research Professor (level E), CoPS, Monash University.

1995-2004            Senior Research Fellow (level D), CoPS, Monash University

1991-1994            Senior Research Fellow (level C), CoPS, Monash University

1989-1990            Senior Research Fellow (level C), Melbourne Institute.

1980-1989            Research Officer, Bureau of Agricultural Economics.


Research Fellow, GTAP Research Network, 2016

Senior Fellow, Australian Economic Society


Steve Hatfield–Dodds, Heinz Schandl, Philip D. Adams, Timothy M. Baynes, Thomas S. Brinsmead, Brett Al. Bryan, Francis H. S. Chiew, Paul W. Graham, Mike Grundy, Tom Harwood, Rebecca McCallum, Rod McRae, Lisa E. McKellar, David Newth, Martin Nolan, Ian Prosser and Alex Wonhas (2015), “Australia is ‘free to choose’ Economic Growth and Falling Environmental Pressures”, Nature, Vol. 527, November 2015, 49-53.

Philip D. Adams, Brian R. Parmenter and George Verikios (2014), “An Emissions Trading Scheme for Australia: National and Regional Impacts”, Economic Record, Vol 90, Issue 290, August 2014, pp. 316-44.

Philip D. Adams and Brian R. Parmenter, “Computable General Equilibrium Modelling of Environmental issues in Australia: Economic Impacts of an Emissions Trading Scheme” in P.B. Dixon and D. Jorgenson (eds) Handbook of CGE Modelling, Vol. 1A, 2013, Elsevier B.V.

Philip Adams, “Interpretation of Results from CGE Models such as GTAP”, Journal of Policy Modelling, Vol. 27, December 2005, pp. 941-59.

Philip Adams, "Dynamic-AAGE: A dynamic CGE model of the Danish Economy Developed from the AAGE and Monash Models", Report no. 115, Danish Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Economics (2000), 135 pages.


Website: www.copsmodels.com
Email: philip.adams [at] vu.edu.au
Mobile: 0427 813 203
Work Phone: 03 99191435

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