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Professor Ron Borland

BSc (Hons) Monash, MSc (Monash), PhD (Melbourne)

Elected: 2015

Discipline: Psychology

Specialisation: Behaviour change, tobacco control, smoking cessation, relapse, behaviour theory


RON BORLAND PhD is the Nigel Gray Distinguished Fellow in Cancer Prevention, at The Cancer Council Victoria. He also has honorary professorial positions at the University of Melbourne, and University of Queensland, and is a
Visiting Professor at Harvard University from August 2015 to August 2016. His work is designed to help design better systems for controlling tobacco use, to develop and evaluate mass-disseminable strategies for helping smokers quit and stay quit, including use of harm minimisation strategies and strategies to assist highly disadvantaged, high smoking prevalence groups, and more generally build theory to understand the complexity of hard to maintain behaviours.

Key Appointments: Expert member, IGCD National Expert Reference Group on


Member Australian Psychological Society, Member Public Health Association, Member, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco


Borland R, Balmford J, Swift E. Effects of Encouraging Rapid Implementation and/or Structured Planning of Quit Attempts on smoking Cessation Outcomes: a Randomized Control Trial. Annals of Behavioral Medicine 2015, 49(5) 732-742.

Borland R. Understanding Hard to Maintain Behaviour Change: A dual-process approach. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, Addiction Press. (2014)

Borland R, Balmford J, Benda P. Population-level effects of automated cessation help programs: a randomised controlled trial. Addiction 2013 108(3) 618-628.

Young D, Borland R, Coghill K. Changing the Tobacco use Management System: Blending Systems Thinking with Actor-Network Theory. Review of Policy Research, 2012; 29(2): 251-279.

Borland R, Yong HH, Balmford J, Cooper J, Cummings KM, O’Connor RJ, McNeill A, Zanna MP, Fong GT. Motivational factors predict quit attempts but not maintenance of smoking cessation: Findings from the International Tobacco Control Four country project. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 2010 Vol 12 Supplement 1 S4-S11.


Email: rborland [at] unimelb.edu.au
Mobile: 0409 979 269
Work Phone: (03) 9514 6291

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