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Professor Lyndsey Nickels

BA(Hons) (Reading), PhD (London)

Elected: 2014

Discipline: Psychology


Professor Lyndsey Nickels is a speech pathologist whose research field can be broadly characterised as "the cognitive neuropsychology of language": she investigates language impairments (both developmental and acquired as a result of brain damage) and uses these data to test the adequacy of cognitive theories of language comprehension and production. In addition, she uses these theories to inform our understanding of language impairments and how best to remediate them. Hence, Professor Nickels’ research encompasses assessment and treatment of acquired language impairment (aphasia) and impaired literacy (dyslexia) in children and adults. She has held a series of prestigious research fellowships including Wellcome Trust International Training Fellowship, ARC QEII and Future Fellowships and NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship. In she is also Macquarie University's Director for the European Union Erasmus Mundus funded international PhD programme: International Doctorate for Experimental Approaches to Language and Brain (IDEALAB).


Website: www.cogsci.mq.edu.au/members/profile.php?memberID=63
Email: lyndsey.nickels [at] mq.edu.au

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