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Professor Don Byrne

BA(Hons), PhD (Adelaide), FAPS

Elected: 1995

Discipline: Psychology

Specialisation: stress, occupational stress, cardiovascular disease, health behaviour, adolescent smoking


Professor Don Byrne holds the Chair of Clinical and Health Psychology at the Australian National University. His current research focuses on:

  • the roles of stress and behaviour in mediating risk of cardiovascular disease
  • occupational stress (measurement, causes and management);
  • psychological determinants and prevention of adolescent smoking behaviour.

Professor Byrne is a Past President of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine and has advised the Australian Veterans’ Medical Authority on compensable medical conditions arising from stress. He is immediate past chair of the ACT Psychologists Board and is a member of the ACT Mental Health Tribunal. He is a member of the National Committee on Psychology of the Australian Academy of Science and also a member of the Professional Development and Accreditation Advisory Group of the Australian Psychological Society.


  • D.G.Byrne and J.Mazanov (2001) Self-esteem and cigarette smoking in adolescents, Stress and Health, 17:105-110.
  • D.G.Byrne, J.Mazanov and R.A.M.Gregson (2001) A cusp catastrophe analysis of changes to adolescent smoking behaviour in response to smoking prevention programs, Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology and Life Sciences, 5:115-137.
  • D.G.Byrne (2000) Cigarette smoking, psychological stress and cardiovascular arousal, Australian Journal of Psychology, 51:1-8.
  • D.G.Byrne and J.Mazanov (1999) Sources of adolescent stress, smoking and the use of other drugs, Stress Medicine, 15, 215-227.
  • D.G.Byrne (1996) Type A behaviour, anxiety and neuroticism: Reconceptualising the pathophysiological pathways and boundaries of coronary prone behaviour, Stress Medicine, 12, 227-238.


Website: http://www.psychology.anu.edu.au/_people/people_details.asp?recId=120

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