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Professor Margaret Davies

BA (Hons 1), LLB (Hons 1) (Adelaide), MA, D.Phil (Sussex)

Elected: 2006

Discipline: Law

Specialisation: Legal theory; Gender; Property; Legal pluralism.


Margaret Davies is Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor at Flinders University. Her research centres on several areas: critical legal thought, feminist jurisprudence, the philosophy of property, and legal pluralism. She is particularly interested in how legal theory can promote meaningful change in the practice and understanding of law.


Australian Research Council College of Experts Humanities and Creative Arts Panel 2010-2012 (Chair, 2011)



  • M. Davies (2008) Asking the Law Question: The Dissolution of Legal Theory (3rd Edition). Sydney: Lawbook Co.
  • M Davies (2007) Property: Meanings, Histories, Theories. London: Routledge
  • M. Davies and N. Naffine (2001) Are Persons Property? Legal Debates about Property and Personality. Aldershot: Ashgate.
  • M. Davies (1996) Delimiting the Law: Postmodernism and the Politics of Law. London: Pluto Press.


Email: margaret.davies [at] flinders.edu.au

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