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Professor John Quiggin

BA (hons) (Maths), BEc (hons) (Econ), MEc (ANU), PhD (New England)

Elected: 1996

Discipline: Economics

Specialisation: unemployment, micro-economic reform, privatisation, uncertainty


Professor John Quiggin is an ARC Australian Laureate Fellow in the Schools of Economics and Political Science, University of Queensland. Professor Quiggin’s research interests include risk analysis, production economics, and the theory of economic growth. He has also written on policy topics including unemployment policy, micro-economic reform, privatisation, competitive tendering and the economics of education.


  • Grant, S. and Quiggin, J (2003) Public investment and the risk premium for equity, Economica, 70 (February), 1, 18.
  • Chambers, R. G. and Quiggin, J (2000) Uncertainty, Production, Choice and Agency: The State-Contingent Approach. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Dowrick, S. and Quiggin, J (1997) Convergence in GDP and living standards: A revealed preference approach, American Economic Review, 67(1):41-64.
  • Langmore, J. and Quiggin, J (1994) Work for All: Full Employment in the Nineties. Carlton, Victoria: Melbourne University Press.
  • Quiggin, J (1982) A theory of anticipated utility, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation, 3(4):323-43.


Website: http://www.uq.edu.au/economics/johnquiggin

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