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Emeritus Professor Candi Peterson

BA (Adelaide), PhD (California)

Elected: 1997

Discipline: Psychology

Specialisation: developmental psychology, children, families, the elderly, deafness, social cognition


Dr Candida Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Queensland, continues her research into the role of communication processes in family relationships and social-cognitive development. Dr Peterson's recent research includes:

  • the development of a theory of mind in deaf children with other cognitive and sensory impairments
  • parent-adolescent communication and conflict resolution
  • the development of an understanding of lying and its social consequences through the life span
  • children's understanding of biology and culture as a basis for family resemblance.


  • Peterson, C. and Siegal, M. (2000) Insights into theory of mind from deafness and autism, Mind and Language 15:123-145.
  • Peterson, C. and Siegal, M. (1999) Representing inner worlds: Theories of mind in deaf, autistic and normal hearing children, Psychological Science 10:126-129.
  • Siegal, M. and Peterson, C.C. (1999) Children's understanding of biology, health and ethics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Peterson, C. and Siegal (1998) Changing focus on the representational mind: Concepts of false photographs, false drawings and false beliefs in deaf, autistic and normal children, British Journal of Developmental Psychology 16:301-320.
  • Peterson, C.C. (1996) Looking forward through the life span: Developmental psychology (3rd ed.). Sydney: Prentice-Hall.


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