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Professor Bob Officer AM

BAgSc (Melbourne), MAgEc (New England), MBA (Chicago), PhD (Chicago)

Elected: 1988

Discipline: Accounting

Specialisation: finance, anti-trust, valuation, corporate, capital


Professor Bob Officer is currently Professor Emeritus University of Melbourne and an Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland. He has previously been the Deputy Director and a Professor at the Melbourne Business School (1986 - 2002). For a length of time Professor Officer consulted to a large number of public, private and government organisations on topics encompassing economics and finance generally.

Professor Officer specialises in:

  • corporate and international finance
  • valuation and investment appraisal
  • foreign exchange management
  • capital markets
  • industrial organisation
  • takeovers
  • anti-trust

During the past ten years he has been Chairman of the Victorian WorkCover Authority (1997-2001) and Chairman Victorian Funds Management Corporation (2002-2006). Today he remains Chairman of several Funds Management companies.


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  • Officer, R.R., and Halter, A.N. (1968) Utility Analysis in a Practical Setting, American Journal of Agricultural Economics.


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