2016 - 2017

The Contemporary Policy Challenge

Many policy practitioners, researchers, public intellectuals, business leaders, church leaders and political/community activists worry about the quality of current policy debate, which is said to hinder our capacity to reach robust decisions on pressing policy and political challenges. This workshop will assess the grounds for such concern and recommend measures for regenerating policy capacity and restoring trust in policy processes.

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The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

This workshop brings researchers, advocates and practitioners together to investigate the social and historical significance of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. It will explore the role of the social sciences in developing a knowledge base for the work of the Commission, and in understanding the wide-ranging implications of this landmark public inquiry.

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IVF and Assisted Reproduction: Australia in the global experience

This interdisciplinary workshop will survey the history, present situation and future prospects of IVF and assisted reproduction in their cultural and social context. The outcomes of this workshop will include an edited collection, a digested analysis paper and a briefing paper which will have the potential to inform future policy deliberations in Australia.

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Strategies for Success in Indigenous Governing for Development: An international conversation

This international workshop assembles leading Indigenous researchers, private sector and community leaders for a cross-country conversation on what is happening that is innovative and productive in Indigenous development of lands and resources. The goal of the workshop is to share governance experiences, strategies, and solutions that can assist Indigenous communities in meeting their contemporary needs and aspirations.

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Intervention, Prevention and Punishment: Authenticity and capacity in mandated treatment.

The workshop will identify and explore the theories used to support a range of mandated medico-legal interventions such as involuntary detention, compulsory treatment and mandated alcohol rehabilitation. It will identify opportunities for improving the operation of these interventions, and provide recommendations for policy and legal practice that strengthen current policies to support impaired individuals while protecting the public.

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Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Employment

By bringing together prominent scholars and policy analysts from different disciplinary backgrounds, this workshop explores the social impacts of robotics and artificial intelligence on work, employment and unemployment. The Workshop will strengthen Australian research capacity regarding the digital capability and skills of Australian citizens to compete in a global economy increasingly shaped by technological automation.

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The Survey and the State: How social science expertise made the Twentieth Century.

We expect social surveys and other forms of social science research to inform, shape, and critique government and other public policies, but this was not always the case. This workshop brings together scholars from around the world to examine how, when, and why the techniques of social science surveying took on such public prominence, and to consider the effects and legacies of that process.

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