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Registrations NOW OPEN for 2018 ASSA Symposium:
Regenerating Integrity and Trust in Australian Institutions
Tuesday 13 November 2018 | CANBERRA

The Fellows of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia recognise and respond through their disciplines to matters of national concern.  In its November 2018 Annual Symposium the Academy will bring the social sciences to bear on the loss of trust in public and private Australian institutions Pthat poses unacceptable risks to our civil society.

Media sources have been quick and persistent in identifying everything from incompetence to malfeasance in the institutions that we have come to trust. Our banking system, our government, our educational institutions, religious organisations, charities, businesses, professional sports… all have been found wanting in ways that lessen our trust in them, make us cynical and threaten our hope for the future.  Can trust be restored, by what means, and how long might be required to regenerate the trust that a civil society depends upon?

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  • The New Fellows Presentations and
  • The 2018 Cunningham Lecture – The Pursuit of Knoweldge: Veritas Redux
    presented by Professor Glenn Withers AO FASSA read more

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