One part of ASSA’s advocacy effort involves contribution to government inquiries. The Policy and Advocacy Committee monitors various inquiries and calls for submission, and in consultation with its fellowship, contributes where it believes it can add a meaningful voice and advance the standing of the social sciences. Working groups of fellows and contributors develop submissions, which are submitted to the inquiries, and uploaded to the ASSA website.

We encourage our fellows to recommend government inquiries to ASSA. Please contact Dylan Clements ( if you believe the Academy should make a submission to a particular inquiry.

Submission to National Archives Review

The National Archives of Australia is an important asset for the collection, preservation and dissemination of our national stories. The state of the Archives is therefore a concern to many individuals and groups in Australia. Foremost among these are historians. In this submission to the Tune Review of the National Archives of Australia, the Academy […]

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ARC National Research Priority Review

May 2019 In response to the Implementation of the National Science and Research Priorities under the Australian Research Council’s National Competitive Grants Program Review, ASSA makes the following four recommendations to enhance the ARC grant allocation processes. 1. That the ARC engage ASSA to undertake a further investigation into the distribution of research funding, and […]

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Academy Response to Performance-Based Funding for the Commonwealth Grant Scheme Discussion Paper

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA) shares the commitment to enhance university teaching effectiveness, deliver good outcomes for graduates, and achieve equity in attainment rates across Australia, including in the regions. However, the proposed Performance-Based Funding for the Commonwealth Grant Scheme is articulated in a way which cannot guarantee these outcomes, and […]

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The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA) suggests most strongly the Australian Government be a champion of research and development. A greater national commitment to research and development (R&D) is a proven way to develop a strong foundation for securing Australia’s future. More and better research support is an investment which contributes handsomely […]

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Response to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Soft Power Review 2018

This submission affirms the importance of soft power, and recognises education and research are important instruments for this power. In addition, it stresses that comparative advantage for deployment of soft power should be sought and should be enhanced. Social science education and research are examples of this potential. At present they are underutilised. Specific recommendations […]

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Response to National Research Infrastructure: Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Scoping Study 2018

ASSA commends the Department of Education and Training for undertaking this initiative and we look forward to participating in this process. Please find included in this document a response to the Department’s request for: Themes for scoping the future national research infrastructure requirements and Advice on current (or forecasted) researcher infrastructure needs. The recommendations provided […]

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Response to Medical Research Future Fund Consultation 2018

The response of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia to the Medical Research Future Fund consultation to inform the second Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities 2018-2020

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Academy response to Inquiry into the Australian Public Service 2018

The Australia Public Service and the Social Sciences This submission examines the capability, culture and operating model of the APS. It makes eight practical recommendations to help ensure the APS is ready, over the coming decades, to best serve Australia in: driving innovation and productivity in the economy; delivering high quality policy advice, regulatory oversight, […]

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Response to the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training Inquiry into Funding Australia’s Research 2018

Funding for Social Science Research Pays Its Way Innovation is necessary to sustain prosperity in economic life in Australia. We must ensure we invest in all forms of innovation, not merely in technological development. For innovation also takes place at the level of policy—indeed merely implementing new technology presupposes policy development. This form of innovation […]

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The Australian Government’s role in the development of cities 2017

This submission commends to you two reports prepared by the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) as part of the Securing Australia’s Future (SAF) program. The first report may be relevant as a whole. It is also pertinent that it has been through a rigorous management and review process across the four Learned Academies. This […]

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The Digital Economy: opening up the conversation

This submission focusses on the questions posed in the discussion paper. It has been informed by Fellows of the Academy, reports prepared by the Academy and by Securing Australia’s Future reports prepared by the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) for Australia’s Chief Scientist as part of the Securing Australia’s Future Program. The Academy recognizes […]

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Budget Submission on Funding Research 2017

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia welcomes the opportunity to make a brief submission to the 2017-18 Federal Budget. The attached submission recognises that research pays its way. It is a key driver of future living standards. It needs true Budget recognition as an investment that contributes handsomely to fiscal sustainability – and […]

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Foreign Policy White Paper 2017

This submission focuses on the social benefits of international student movements. It has been informed by Australia’s Comparative Advantage, a report prepared by the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) for Australia’s Chief Scientist as part of the Securing Australia’s Future Program. We will also touch on the important role and function of an international […]

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ASSA Submission to Productivity Commission Suggesting Reform 2017

Systematic reform and investment based on a new reform process will rescue Australian growth and productivity. This can be termed “Walking on Two Legs”. This new reform process requires two key components: ongoing structural reform, and new investment for the future. Structural or institutional reform is well known and well advocated, but can be revitalised. […]

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Response to the Draft 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the draft 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap. The Roadmap, along with the Higher Education Infrastructure Working Group Final Report and the Research Infrastructure Review Final Report provide a comprehensive assessment of Australia’s research infrastructure system and needs. This Academy welcomes the recommendation to establish an Australian Data […]

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ASSA at Research Funding Public Hearing

ASSA at Research Funding Public Hearing Professor Bruce Chapman AM FASSA ASSA witnesses advocate for the social sciences at Parliament House public hearing on Australia’s research funding August 20, 2018 ________________ On 29 June this year, ASSA made a submission to a Government Inquiry on the efficiency, effectiveness and coherency of Australian Government funding for research. […]

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