One part of ASSA’s advocacy effort involves contribution to government inquiries. The Policy and Advocacy Committee monitors various inquiries and calls for submission, and in consultation with its fellowship, contributes where it believes it can add a meaningful voice and advance the standing of the social sciences. Working groups of fellows and contributors develop submissions, which are submitted to the inquiries, and uploaded to the ASSA website.

Below are ASSA’s recent submissions:

ASSA submission to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Soft Power Review – 28 Sep 2018

ASSA representation to the Australian Research Council social science representation in Laureate Fellowships and Future Fellowships – Aug-Sep 2018


ASSA response to National Research Infrastructure: Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Scoping Study – 10 September 2018

ASSA response to Medical Research Future Fund Consultation – 31 August 2018


ASSA contribution to New Australian Government Data Sharing and Release Legislation consultation – 14 August 2018

ASSA submission to Independent Review of the Australian Public Service – 9 July 2018

ASSA submission to Inquiry into the Efficiency, Effectiveness and Coherency of Australian Government Funding for Research – 29 June 2018

ASSA submission to Inquiry into the Australian Government’s Role in the Development of Cities – 11 May 2018

ASSA submission on The Digital Economy: Opening up the Conversation – 14 December 2017

ASSA submission on Budget and funding research – 19 January 2017

ASSA submission to Foreign Policy White Paper – 28 February 2017

ASSA submission to Productivity Commission: Suggest a Reform – 2017

ASSA submission to 2016 National Roadmap


We encourage our fellows to recommend government inquiries to ASSA. Please contact Dylan Clements ( if you believe the Academy should make a submission to a particular inquiry:

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