Roundtable reports

About the Roundtable reports

Roundtable reports provide a summary of the proceedings of the Roundtable discussions, key points emerging from the discussion and some recommendations emerging from them. These reports are available for download.

5 June 2015 Researcher access to microdata ... [PDF 260.43 kB] Roundtable notes
26 November 2014 ASSA-Treasury Workshop on Retirement Incomes Policy ... [PDF 793.27 kB] Roundtable notes
30 September 2012 Draft Academy proceedings: Social determinants of health research ... [PDF 138.82 kB] Roundtable notes
30 October 2011 Report on the proceedings of the Castles Tax ... [PDF 359.00 kB] Roundtable notes
30 October 2011 Overview of the Castles Tax and Social Security ... [PDF 172.72 kB] Roundtable notes
30 October 2011 Ian Castles and the Henry Tax/Transfers Review ... [PDF 172.02 kB] Roundtable notes