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Us and them: Anti-elitism in Australia

That gilded youth Lachlan Murdoch, delivering the Andrew Ollie Lecture in late 2002, singled out Media Watch for attack. Why? Because we had drawn attention to the multiple connections between Telstra–battling to convince the bush of its bona fides–and a private outfit called the Farmhand Foundation with its vision splendid of drought proofing Australia: ‘How […]

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Julia 2010

This project is the latest in a series of post-election workshops and books that emerged from the (then) Political Science Department in the Faculty of Arts at The Australian National University (ANU), commencing with the 1996 election workshop. The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia has been a partner in this series since the […]

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Wiley-Blackwell handbook of couples and family relationships

The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of couples and family Relationships offers keen insights into ways to confront the unique challenges of relationships in twenty-first century Western society. Original articles from an international cast of leading relationship researchers, practitioners, educators, and policy makers link research, policy, and practice to reflect the most up-to-date knowledge of the myriad issues […]

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Contributors: N. Brenner, D. Cahill, L. Chester, M. Dean, G. Duménil, B. Dunn, L. Edwards, J.E. King, M. Konings, D. Lévy, J. Mikler, J. Paton, J. Peck, B. Spies-Butcher, F. Stilwell, N. Theodore, E. Thurbon. In this timely book, leading scholars of neoliberalism, together with emerging researchers from a range of intellectual traditions, reflect upon […]

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Australia- The State of Democracy

On many criteria, Australia has been a pioneering democracy. As one of the oldest continuing democracies, however, a health check has long been overdue. Since 2002 the Democratic Audit of Australia, a major democracy assessment project, has been applying an internationally tested set of indicators to Australian political institutions and practices. The indicators derive from […]

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Political theory and Australian multiculturalism

Multiculturalism has been one of the dominant concerns in political theory over the last decade. To date, this inquiry has been mostly informed by, or applied to, the Canadian, American, and increasingly, the European contexts. This volume explores for the first time how the Australian experience both relates and contributes to political thought on multiculturalism. […]

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Hate speech and freedom of speech in Australia

Hate speech laws have existed in various forms in Australia for well over a decade. Unlike other countries, such as the United States and Canada, they have not faced constitutional hurdles to their existence. The general acceptance of hate speech laws in Australia opens intellectual space for the exploration of a range of interesting questions […]

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Migration challenges in the Asia Pacific region in the twenty-first century

Trans-Asian labour migration, a defining feature of Asian globalisation prior to 1940, comprised mainly Chinese and Indian emigration to Southeast Asia and was quantitatively and qualitatively as significant as European transatlantic migration. Although migrant workers were regarded as sojourners, they established diasporic communities across the region, particularly in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. After the Second […]

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Risking birth

This special issue of Health Sociology Review (ISBN 0-977524-25-6) is based on a workshop held in Sydney in June 2006 which was sponsored by the Academy of the Social Sciences of Australia, with further support from the Social Justice Social Change Research Centre of the University of Western Sydney. Entitled ‘Risking Birth: Culture, Technology and […]

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Participation and governance in regional development

Questions about participation and participatory governance are at the cutting edge of development theory. This book provides a cross-disciplinary perspective on participation and governance issues in regional development – processes now regarded as essential for sustainable regional development. An exploration of current trends toward increased citizen participation in development decision-making and the establishment of governance […]

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Fighting crime together

Whether they want to or not, police are increasingly having to work with and through many local, national and international partnerships. This edited collection explores the development of policing and security networks. It looks at ways in which police can develop new strategies for integrating the knowledge, capacities and resources of different security providers and […]

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Mortgage nation

This comprehensive study of the historic win by the Howard Coalition Government is the fourth collaborative venture between Marian Simms and John Warhurst. In their introduction and overview Simms and Warhurst provide a comprehensive account of politics between the 2001 and 2004 elections, including the delicate balancing act in the Senate, the impact of external […]

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Australian social attitudes: the first report

A fascinating insight into what Australians think about contemporary political and social issues using data collected from the inaugural Australian Survey of Social Attitudes on the expressed opinions of some 4300 Australian adults. An excellent resource for students, teachers, researchers and policy makers, and for anyone interested in understanding the social dynamics of contemporary Australia.

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Labour market deregulation

Keith Hancock is honoured and celebrated in this work, following the significant contributions he made not only to academic research and teaching, but also to the practice of industrial relations, through the various roles he held as Professor, Vice-Chancellor, Senior Deputy President of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and author of major government reviews and […]

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Double shift

Double shift: Working mothers and social change in Australia charts ‘the changes that have occurred in the way motherhood and paid work have been combined in Australia over the last hundred years’. It brings together the insights of ‘historians, sociologists, demographers and social policy analysts’ (1) to explore the contours of mothering and employment at […]

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Ethics and auditing

Accountancy and auditing are complex and technical processes. Ethics, in contrast, might be considered relatively simple. The difficult part of ethics, it may be argued, is not knowing what we ought to do, but getting ourselves, and others, to do the right thing. Truthfulness, honesty, care, loyalty, integrity: we know what they require, but we […]

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