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Workshop publications arise from the Academy's Workshops Program. The Program's projects are partly or fully sponsored by the Academy. Some publications are published by the Academy and may be ordered from the Academy. Others, published by commercial publishers, may be ordered from respective distributors.

Year Title Author
1995 The discovery of Australian history 1890-1939 S Macintyre and J Thomas
1995 Women in a restructuring Australia Anne Edwards and Susan Magarey
1996 The paradox of parties Marian Simms
1996 Economics and ethics? Edited by P. Groenewegen
1996 Pacific Rim development PJ Rimmer
1996 The making of a public intellectual T Bonyhady and T Griffiths
1996 Communication futures in Australia
1997 The politics of retribution C Bean, S Bennett, M Simms and J Warhurs
1997 Cultural policy in Australia T Bennett, P Sperritt and D Throsby
1997 China's new spatial economy GJR Linge
1997 No place for borders Godfrey Linge and Doug Porter
1998 The ESD process Clive Hamilton and David Throsby
2000 Howard's agenda Marian Simms and John Warhurst
2002 Investing in our children Margot Prior
2002 Working futures Ron Callus and Russell Lansbury
2003 South Asia - globalisation and Bangladesh Amarjit Kaur and Ian Metcalfe
2004 Ethics and auditing Tom Campbell and Keith Houghton
2004 Us and them Marian Sawer And Barry Hindess
2004 Litigation, past and present Wilfrid Prest and Sharyn L. Roach Anleu
2005 Mortgage nation Marian Simms and John Warhurst
2005 Australian social attitudes: the first report Shaun Wilson, Gabrielle Meagher, Rachel Gibson, David Denemark, Mark Western
2005 Labour market deregulation Joe Isaac and Russell D Lansbury
2005 Double shift Patricia Grimshaw and John Murphy
2006 Risking birth Kerreen Reiger, Alphia Possamai-Inesedy, Karen Lane
2006 Participation and governance in regional development Robyn Eversole, John Martin
2006 Fighting crime together Jenny Fleming, Jennifer Dawn Wood
2007 Hate speech and freedom of speech in Australia Katharine Gelber and Adrienne Stone
2007 Migration challenges in the Asia Pacific region in the twenty-first century Amarjit Kaur and Ian Metcalfe
2008 Political theory and Australian multiculturalism Geoffrey Brahm Levey
2009 Australia Marian Sawer, Norman Abjorensen and Phil Larkin
2010 Privatisation, security and community Lynda Cheshire, Peter Walters and Rebecca Wickes
2011 Cultures of humanitarianism
2012 Julia 2010 Marian Simms and John Wanna
2012 Unsettling the settler state Sarah Maddison and Morgan Brigg
2012 Wiley-Blackwell handbook of couples and family relationships Edited by Emeritus Professor Patricia Noller, FASSA, and Gery Karantzas, Deakin University
2012 Neoliberalism Damien Cahill, Lindy Edwards and Frank Stilwell