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About Research publications

Research publications arise from research projects that were part of the Academy's Research Program. The Program's projects were sponsored by the Academy. Some publications were published by the Academy and may be ordered from the Academy. Others, published by commercial publishers, may be ordered from respective distributors.

Year Title Author
1998 Challenges for the social sciences and Australia
2001 Creating unequal futures? Ruth Fincher and Peter Saunders
2002 Investing in social capital Simon Marginson
2002 The price of prosperity Peter Saunders and Richard Taylor
2003 Community sustainability in rural Australia Chris Cocklin and Margaret Alston
2004 Sustainability and change in rural Australia Chris Cocklin and Jacqui Dibden
2005 Rethinking wellbeing Lenore Manderson
2005 No time to lose Sue Richardson and Margot Prior
2006 Management ethics Stewart Clegg and Carl Rhodes
2009 Government managing risk through income contingent loans conference Edited by Bruce Chapman and Boyd Hunter
2012 Beyond a 'White Australia' Emeritus Professor Laksiri Jayasuriya AM