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About Academy proceedings

ASSA's Academy Proceedings published lectures, discussion papers, and other proceedings. The publications in this series arose from research or events which the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia had organised, or was associated with. Papers, transcripts and other material which appear in Academy Proceedings (ISSN: 1838-6970) are not peer reviewed, and are published periodically. They were printed in hard copy, and available for free download. Particular types of Academy Proceedings can be identified by the following suffixes: (CL) for Cunningham Lectures; (DP) for policy discussion papers. Older Cunningham Lectures may be found on the Cunningham Lectures page.

Year Title Author
2010 9781921862151 - Multiculturalism and Integration: A harmonious relationship ... James Jupp and Michael Clyn
2010 Issue 1/2010 (CL) - What if mainstream science is right? ... Ross Garnaut
2011 Issue 1/2011 - Critical issues facing Australia to 2025 ... Michael Keating and Caroline Smith
2011 Issue 2/2011 - Sustainable Population Strategy ... Liz Allen
2012 Issue 2/2012 - Income inequality: a review of recent trends and issues ... Denise Doiron
2012 Issue 3/2012 - The case for pluralism in economics ... John E King
2012 Issue 1/2012 - Workforce worries: the changing worlds of HIV medicine and the ... Christy Newman
2012 Draft - Social determinants of health research roundtable ... Public Health Association Australia