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About Academy Papers

ASSA's Academy Papers publish lectures, discussion papers, and other proceedings of the Academy. The publications in this series develop from research or events which the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia has organised, or is associated with. Papers, transcripts and other material appear in Academy Papers (ISSN: 2202-3941) . The Academy Papers are published periodically as an electronic publication, and available for free download.

Year Title Author
2013 Public Inquiries, Public Policy and the Public Interest Professor Gary Banks
2013 Much confusion about inclusion in Australia’s largest education system Dr Linda Graham
2013 Towards a stronger, more equitable and efficient tax-social security system Andrew Podger, Dennis Trewin, John Wanna and Peter Whiteford
2015 Keith Hancock Lecture 2014 -Resilience and fragility in the Asian Century Professor Simon Ville FASSA
2016 Taking Stock: The reconfiguration of public housing governance in Australia Assoc. Professor Lynda Cheshire
2016 The Non-Indigenous responsibility to engage: Scoping reconciliation and its alternatives Assoc. Professor Sarah Maddison
2016 The regional impacts of Australian asylum seeker policies Caroline Fleay and Lisa Hartley
2016 Paul Bourke Lecture 2015 - Trapped in the gap Associate Professor Emma Kowal
2016 Trusted Access Model Dr Dennis Trewin FASSA
2016 Examining Income Management Programs in Australia—2015 Associate Professor Philip Mendes
2016 Understanding Australian Policies on Public Health Professor Fran Baum FASSA
2016 Justice, Equity and Fairness in Natural Resource Management Dr Anna Lukasiewicz