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Identity Troubles: An Introduction

The book, Identity Troubles, by  Professor Anthony Elliott FASSA, documents various contemporary mutations of identity – from robotics to biomedicine, from cosmetic surgery to digital lives – and considers their broader social, cultural and political consequences.

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Iran at the Crossroads

In this incisive analysis, Amin Saikal, a leading expert on Iranian politics, traces Iran s transition from pro-Western monarchy to Islamic Republic and explores the choices open to Rouhani s moderate reformist government.

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MENZIES: The Shaping of Modern Australia

Menzies: the Shaping of Modern Australia, edited by J R Nethercote, is the first volume in the Menzies Research Centre’s Living Legacy collection and includes contributions by ASSA Fellow J. J. Pincus. Other contributors include David Kemp, Henry Ergas, Anne Henderson, John Howard, Margaret Fitzherbert, Peter Edwards,  Mikayla Novak, and Anne Twomey.

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The Last Battle: soldier settlement in Australia 1916-1939

  When Australian soldiers returned from the First World War they were offered the chance to settle on ‘land fit for heroes’. Promotional material painted a picture of prosperous farms and contented families, appealing to returned servicepeople and their families hoping for a fresh start. Yet just 20 years after the inception of these soldier […]

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Population Ageing and Australia’s Future

This volume provides evidence from many of Australia’s leading scholars from a range of social science disciplines to support policies that address challenges presented by Australia’s ageing population. It builds on presentations made to the 2014 Symposium of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. The Academy acknowledges the contributions and efforts by editors and ANU […]

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Ngoanyana: A South African Story

Ngoanyana: A South African Story is a vivid portrayal of growing up White in apartheid-era South Africa. Combining the author’s personal history with that of his nation, Ngoanyana is a poignant story, honestly told, with lessons for us all about political power, the problems still faced by South Africa, and reconciliation.

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Food security, nutrition and sustainability

As the threats of food insecurity loom ever larger, the world faces the sad irony of food shortages in the global South alongside a purported ‘obesity epidemic’ in the global North. The twin issues of food production and food access are of particular concern in the context of climate change, ‘peak oil’, biofuels, and land […]

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The Oxford handbook on fascism

The essays in this handbook, written by an international team of distinguished scholars, combine to explore the way in which fascism is understood by contemporary scholarship, as well as pointing to areas of continuing dispute and discussion. From a focus on Italy as, chronologically at least, the ‘first Fascist nation’, the contributors cover a wide […]

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An Islamic perspective on governance

Zafar Iqbal and Mervyn K Lewis examine, from an Islamic perspective, some central issues in public, economic and corporate governance. Amongst topics analysed are theories of justice, taxation, budget deficits, Islamic financing modes, public and private accountability, and corruption. The authors’ starting point is that the Islamic perspective on governance and its differences from Western […]

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Handbook of Islamic banking

The Handbook of Islamic banking comprises 25 studies by leading international experts on Islamic banking and finance specially commissioned to analyse the various debates and the current state of play in the field. Edited by M. Kabir Hassan, University of New Orleans, and Mervyn K. Lewis, Professor of Banking and Finance, University of South Australia […]

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Joan Robinson

Joan Robinson, is widely considered to be amongst the greatest economists of the twentieth century. She was one of Keynes’s circle of trusted colleagues, studying the theoretical possibilities offered by his The general theory. This comprehensive study recounts her intellectual development and her major contributions, examining her role in the making of The general theory; […]

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The everyday impact of economic reform in China

During the past 30 years, China has undergone extensive economic reform, replacing the government administration of enterprises with increasing levels of market-oriented enterprise autonomy. At the heart of the reform are changes in the employment relationship, where state control has been superceded by market relationships. These reforms have had far-reaching implications for many aspects of […]

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What were they thinking

Ideas are at the heart of our politics. They are the means by which people are influenced and mobilised. Australian politics have been shaped by distinctive patterns of political thought from the colonial period to the Rudd government. But how have these patterns arisen? And what have been their effects on shaping what we think […]

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The poor relation

What are the social sciences? What do they do? How are they practised in Australia? The poor relation examines the place of the social sciences-from economics and psychology to history, law and philosophy-in the teaching and research conducted by Australian universities. Across sixty years The poor relation charts the changing circumstances of the social sciences, […]

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Expected to become a classic in the field and the classroom standard for teachers and their students, this book offers the most comprehensive, engaging selection of classic and contemporary readings on globalization currently available. Here, for the first time in print, is the full historical story of globalization—drawn from original sources, explained by accessible introductions […]

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Transnational lives

The transnationalism of ordinary lives threatens the stability of national identity and unsettles the framework of national histories and biography. This book takes mobility, not nation, as its frame, and captures a rich array of lives, from the elite to the subaltern, that have crossed national, racial and cartographic boundaries.

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Murdering stepmothers

Sensational rumours of the murder of three small children by their stepmother ignite the passions of Perth citizens in 1909. Shocked by horrific descriptions of how she poisoned the children, they demand her execution as one voice. But did she do it? Or was she a victim of the prejudices of her persecutors? Anna Haebich […]

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