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About Fellows' featured books and articles

Fellows' featured books and articles showcases work by ASSA Fellows that would be of interest to academics, the public and policy makers on a broad range of topics.

Year Title Author
1993 The age of migration Stephen Castles, Hein de Haas and Mark J. Miller
2009 Food security, nutrition and sustainability Geoffrey Lawrence, Kristen Lyons and Tabatha Wallington
2009 The Oxford handbook on fascism R.J.B. Bosworth
2009 An Islamic perspective on governance Zafar Iqbal and Mervyn K. Lewis
2009 Handbook of Islamic banking M. Kabir Hassan and Mervyn K. Lewis
2009 Joan Robinson G.C Harcourt and Prue Kerr
2010 The everyday impact of economic reform in China Ying Zhu, Michael Webber and John Benson
2010 What were they thinking James Walter
2010 The poor relation Stuart Macintyre
2010 Globalization Charles Lemert, Anthony Elliott, Daniel Chaffee, Eric Hsu
2010 Transnational lives Angela Woollacott, Desley Deacon and Penny Russell
2010 Murdering stepmothers Anna Haebich
2010 Innovation: a very short introduction Mark Dodgson, David Gann
2010 The broken years Bill Gammage
2010 Taking social development seriously Laksiri Jayasuriya
2010 Women, love and learning Alison Mackinnon
2010 Nonlinear dynamical systems analysis for the behavioral sciences using real data Stephen J. Guastello and Robert A.M. Gregson
2010 Creativity and innovation in business and beyond Mann, Leon & Chan, Janet [Eds.]
2013 Individual Rights and the Making of the International System Professor Christian Reus-Smit
2013 Islam and Society Professor Riaz Hassan
2013 Proletarian and Gendered Mass Migrations Dirk Hoerder, Arizona State University and Amarjit Kaur, University of New England
2013 Handbook of Research on Creativity Kerry Thomas and Janet Chan
2013 Jon Altman: Arguing the Intervention
2013 Weight of Modernity Cathy Banwell, Dorothy Broom, Anna Davies and Jane Dixon.
2013 Global Finance After the Crisis Richard A. Iley and Mervyn K. Lewis
2013 Reinvention Anthony Elliott
2013 Educational Research and Professional Learning in Changing Times Jane Watson, Kim Beswick and Natalie Brown
2013 Understanding and Preventing Corruption Adam Graycar and Tim Prenzler
2013 Australian Wage Policy Keith Hancock
2013 The Reef – A Passionate History Iain McCalman
2013 The End of the Homosexual? Dennis Altman
2013 Competition, Diversity And Economic Performance Clement A. Tisdell
2013 Living on the Edge John Smyth and Terry Wrigley
2013 Reconceptualizing Early Mathematics Learning Lyn D. English and Joanne T. Mulligan
2013 The Oxford Handbook of Post-Keynesian Economics, Volume 1 & 2 Geoffrey Harcourt and Peter Kriesler
2013 Idea Work Arne Carlsen, Stewart Clegg and Reidar Gjersvik
2013 Battlers and Billionaires Andrew Leigh
2014 Drivers of change Katherine Barnes and Peter Spearritt
2014 Drivers of change Katherine Barnes and Peter Spearritt
2014 Removing the emperor’s clothes: Australia and tobacco plain packaging Simon Chapman and Becky Freeman
2014 Contemporary Social Theory Anthony Elliott
2014 Through a glass darkly Margaret Thornton
2014 Contemporary capitalism and progressive political economics Cambridge Journal of Economics, Volume 38, Issue 6
2014 Pressed for time: the acceleration of life in digital capitalism Judy Wajcman
2014 The Economics of Just About Everything Andrew Leigh
2014 Zone of Crisis: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq Amin Saikal
2014 An Intellectual History of Political Corruption Lisa Hill FASSA and Bruce Buchan
2014 Managing fear Professor Bernadette McSherry FASSA
2014 America Inc.? Linda Weiss, FASSA
2014 Measuring and Promoting Wellbeing Andrew Podger and Dennis Trewin
2014 The politics of accountability in Southeast Asia Garry Rodan FASSA, and Caroline Hughes
2014 Arresting incarceration Don Weatherburn
2014 Building age-friendly communities
2015 The Future of Aircraft Maintenance in Australia: Workforce Capability, Aviation Safety And Industry Development
2015 Apologies and the Legacy of Abuse of Children in 'Care' : International Perspectives Johanna Sköld and Shurlee Swain FASSA
2015 The Luck of Politics The Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP FASSA
2015 Post Keynesian Economics J.E. King, La Trobe University and Federation University Australia
2015 Emeritus Professor Geoff Harcourt review's Thomas Piketty’s bestseller Emeritus Professor Geoff Harcourt
2015 Social Transformation and Migration Edited by Stephen Castles FASSA, Derya Ozkul, Magdalena Cubas
2015 Jubilee Fellows 2014 The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia
2015 Inside Australia’s Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials George Williams AO FASSA
2015 Corruption: A Very Short Introduction Leslie Holmes, FASSA
2015 Growth and Cycles in Australia’s Wine Industry Kym Anderson
2015 Abbott’s Gambit Carol Johnson, FASSA; John Wanna, FASSA and Hsu-Ann Lee
2016 Ngoanyana: A South African Story Professor John Nieuwenhuysen AM FASSA
2016 Population Ageing and Australia's Future Hal Kendig, Peter McDonald, John Piggott
2016 The Last Battle: soldier settlement in Australia 1916-1939 Bruce Scates and Melanie Oppenheimer
2016 Alexander Sutherland: A Forgotten Pioneer of Health Economics in Australia? Philip Clarke FASSA and Guido Erreygers
2016 Weak States, Strong Societies: Power and Authority in the New World Order Amin Saikal AM FASSA
2016 MENZIES: The Shaping of Modern Australia J R Nethercote
2016 Iran at the Crossroads Professor Amin Saikal FASSA
2016 Scholarly Misconduct: Law, Regulation and Practice Ian Freckelton QC FASSA
2016 Identity Troubles: An Introduction Professor Anthony Elliott FASSA