Bilateral programs

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia's (ASSA) bilateral program allows Australian-based researchers to partner with international colleagues and resources from a designated overseas institution. Each joint-action research project, funded by an annual grant, focuses on a social science topic relevant to the shared policy needs and community interests in Australia and the partner country.

Historically operating as individual exchange programs, the academy's bilateral activities now consist of targeted research projects. At the conclusion of each grant, the researchers produce recommendations which are publicly circulated by ASSA. It is also possible for social scientists to use a bilateral grant to begin researching a longer-term topic.

As part of the academy's commitment to develop the expertise of early-career researchers, each bilateral grant requires the active participation of at least one researcher who has completed a PhD inside the last eight years.

The bilateral exchange program that is currently in place are:

Australia-China (CASS) Joint Action Program 

The call for proposals for the Australia-China (CASS) Joint Action Program in 2017 is closed. 

The Australia-China exchange grant brings together Australian-based social scientists with researchers from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). In 2017, four grants will be awarded to four teams of social scientists from Australia and CASS.  A comparative selection process by the Academy ensures that research topics of importance to the social sciences in both countries are funded. We require the participation of at least one early career researcher, academics who have completed a PhD within the last 8 years. Successful applications are now awarded $7000AU to the Australian participants to contribute to this research project.

Those wishing to submit a proposal for a Joint Action Program Grant should follow the  Application Guidelines Australia- China 2017 Application Form.

The 2017 Australia-China (CASS) Joint Action Program process has been finalised. 



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