Public forums and communications program

The Public Forums Program aims to raise awareness of the social sciences within the community, among policy-makers and opinion leaders, and to highlight the relevance of the social sciences for public policy. 

The academy’s Public Forums Program comprises of :

  • the academy's annual events - the Annual Symposium and the Cunningham Lecture
  • the academy's public lectures - the Paul Bourke Lecture, the Fay Gale Lecture, the Keith J. Hancock Lecture, and the Peter Karmel Lecture in Public Policy; held during the year.
  • State based Fellow's initiatives

The Public Forums Committee calls for nominations from the Fellows for the academy's public lectures and consults witht eh Fellowship in relation to the topics for the Annual Symposium.

The Public ForumsCommittee oversees the selection and operation of academy events where public access and the contributions of non-Fellows are invited and proposals can be received by the Secretariat. 

The Public Forums Committee welcomes suggstions from Fellows on improvements to the Public Forums Program.

For more information, please contact:
Mrs Sunita Kumar
Manager, Public Forums and Communication
sunita.kumar [at]
+61 .2 62491788