The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia manages an active program of support for activities promoting scholarship and the contribution of the social sciences to the community. In recent years funding available from the Australian Government has enabled the academy to significantly expand these activities, in particular to establish the policy and advocacy program and to support enhanced international cooperation in the social sciences.

Bilateral programs

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia's (ASSA) bilateral program allows Australian-based researchers to partner with international colleagues and resources from a designated overseas institution. Each joint-action research project, funded by an annual grant, focuses on a social science topic relevant to the shared policy needs and community interests in Australia and the partner country.


The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA), through its international activities and agreements, promotes scholarly cooperation, facilitates intellectual and scholarly exchanges by Australian social scientists with academic counterparts overseas, and acts as an Australian national member of international organisations concerned with the social sciences.

Policy and advocacy

The Policy and Advocacy Program encourages the participation of Fellows and social scientists in engaging in debate, research or other activities that advocate and highlight the importance of the social sciences in providing data, advice, and direction for policy development by government. The social science community is encouraged to accept this invitation to be heard on important issues and to contribute strongly and with effect.

Public forums and communications

The Public Forums Program aims to raise awareness of the social sciences within the community, among policy-makers and opinion leaders, and to highlight the relevance of the social sciences for public policy. 


The Research Program, overseen by the Research Committee, encourages collaboration across the range of the social science disciplines and ensures that leading edge research projects are endorsed by the Fellowship and, where possible, represent a cross section of specialist knowledge and participation from the disciplines.

Special projects

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia's International Program Committee periodically sponsors a topic-based event with both social science and international dimensions. The primary importance of special projects is to allow the academy's Fellow-based expertise to better inform national audiences of other researchers, policy-makers and the wider community about Australia's place in the region and the international community.


The Workshop Program is a principal component of the ASSA's promotion of excellence in research in the social sciences. By means of the Workshop Program, the academy is a major facilitator of collective intellectual work in the social sciences in Australia. The aim of the Workshop Program is to identify issues of national concern in the social sciences and to focus specialist attention on them. A related aim is to position the Workshop Program at the cutting edge of social science research in this country.