Professor David Stern

BA (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), MSc (LSE), PhD (Boston)

Elected: 2016
Discipline: Economics   (Panel B)

Specialisation: Energy economics, environmental economics, economic growth, research assessment

Professor DAVID STERN is Director, International and Development Economics, Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University. Professor Stern specialises in energy and environmental economics focusing on the role of energy in economic growth and climate change. Other areas of interest include citation analysis, meta-analysis, and climate modelling.

Key appointments

Associate Editor, Ecological Economics

Editorial Advisory Board, Nature Energy

Editorial Advisory Board, Open Economics

Lead Author, IPCC Working Group III, 2011-14

Associate Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2002-2007



Csereklyei Z., M. d. M. Rubio Varas, and D. I. Stern (2016) Energy and economic growth: The stylized facts, Energy Journal 37(2), 223-255.

Bruns S. B. and D. I. Stern (2016) Research assessment using early citation information, Scientometrics 108, 917-935.

Burke P. J., M. Shahiduzzaman, and D. I. Stern (2015) Carbon dioxide emissions in the short run: The rate and sources of economic growth matter, Global Environmental Change 33, 109-121.

Bruns S. B., C. Gross, and D. I. Stern (2014) Is there really Granger causality between energy use and output? Energy Journal 35(4), 101-134.

Stern D. I. and R. K. Kaufmann (2014) Anthropogenic and natural causes of climate change, Climatic Change 122, 257-269.


Email: david.stern [at]