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Annual Symposium

The Annual Symposium is the highlight of the Academy's calendar. Convened by one or more Fellows and held over a full day in November usually in Canberra, the Annual Symposium is a public forum examining an important issue in the social sciences and/or public policy arena. The Symposium and the…

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Cunningham Lectures

The Academy's flagship annual public lecture is named after Dr Kenneth Stewart Cunningham, the first chairman of the Social Science Research Committee (the Academy's predecessor organisation). The Cunningham Lecture is presented by an eminent social scientist, and occurs as part of the Annual events, immediately following the Symposium. It is…

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Fay Gale Lectures

The Fay Gale Lecture is named in honour of the late Professor Gwendoline Fay Gale AO (1932–2008), the first female President of the Academy (1997–2000) and an eminent human geographer well known for her contributions to academia, the advancement of women within academia, Indigenous studies and juvenile justice. The lecture,…

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Fellows in the Spotlight

The contribution of the social sciences  and social scientists to our lives often exists in the background, rarely acknowledged. Through this series, 'Fellows in the Spotlight', the Academy will put the spotlight on its Fellows to acknowledge their many contributions and achievements in the social sciences.

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The Academy is governed by a number of management and program Committees, principally the Executive Committee which meets three times per year. The Committee is comprised of the President, the Executive Director, the Treasurer, Program Committee Chairs, four Panel Chairs, the immediate Past President for the first two years of…

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Keith Hancock Lectures

The Keith Hancock Lecture is named in honour of Emeritus Professor Keith Hancock AO – a Fellow of the Academy since 1968, Academy President for the period 1981–1984 and one of two Australians who are Honorary Fellows of the London School of Economics. The annual lecture was inaugurated in 2009.…

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Paul Bourke Lectures

The Paul Bourke Lecture is named in honour of the late Paul Francis Bourke (1938–1999), President of the Academy from 1993–1997. The lecture is presented each year by the recipient of the previous year’s Paul Bourke Award for Early Career Research. The lecture is presented at the lecturer’s home university…

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Peter Karmel Forum

The Peter Karmel Lecture in Public Policy honours the late Professor Peter Karmel AC, CBE (1922–2008), who had a profound impact on higher education and public policy in Australia over many decades. Professor Karmel was President of the Academy from 1987–1990. The lecture is intended to provoke public discussion on…

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Secretariat staff

The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Academy and providing administrative support of Academy programs, including: • facilitating links between the Executive Committee, Fellows of the Academy, and government • managing the Academy's programs and events • publishing material on behalf of the Academy • liaising with…

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