Cunningham Lecture

The academy's flagship annual public lecture is named after Dr Kenneth Stewart Cunningham , the first chairman of the Social Science Research Committee (the academy's predecessor organisation). The Cunningham Lecture is presented by an eminent social scientist, is coupled with the academy's Annual Symposium and is open to the public.

About - Cunningham

In 1930 Dr Cunningham was appointed foundation chief executive officer (and from 1939, Director) of the Australian Council for Educational Research. In that post he exerted a significant influence on the development of Australian educational research for almost a quarter of a century.

Following his retirement in 1954, he remained actively devoted to education. He served as Chairman of the Social Science Research Committee from 1943 to 1952 and was invited by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to work in Indonesia from 1955 to 1956 as a consultant on teacher-training. In his retirement he continued to publish widely.

2015 The Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP FASSA The Luck of Politics
2014 Professor Bruce Chapman AM FASSA The case of the income contingent loan
2013 Professor Simon Chapman AO FASSA Plain packaging of tobacco products
2012 Dr Ken Henry AC FASSA Who would want to be held responsible for Australia's future?
2011 Professor Tim Lang Living with an unsustainable food system
2010 Professor Ross Garnaut AO FASSA What if mainstream science is right?
2009 Professor John Dryzek FASSA Green democracy, global governance
2007 Professor Robert O'Neill FASSA World order under stress
2006 Professor Hilary Charlesworth AM FASSA Building democracy and justice after conflict
2005 Mr Paul Kelly FASSA Re-thinking Australian governance - the Howard legacy
2004 Professor Geoffrey Brennan FASSA The esteem engine
2003 Professor Leon Mann FASSA Leadership observed
2002 Professor Fiona Stanley AC FASSA Before the bough breaks
2001 Emeritus Professor Hugh Stretton FASSA Australia Fair
2000 Professor Margaret Jolly FASSA and Emeritus Professor Barry Hindess FASSA Thinking peace, making peace
1999 Emertitus Professor John C Caldwell FASSA Pushing back the frontiers of death
1998 Professor Fay Gale AO FASSA Shared space - divided cultures
1996 Professor Paul Bourke FASSA Discipline Boundaries in the Social Sciences
1995 Professor Anthony Milner FASSA Australia in its Asian Context
1994 Professor Peter Karmel FASSA Education and the Economic Paradigm
1993 Professor Paul Finn FASSA Abuse of Power in Australia : Making our Governors our Servants
1992 Professor Stuart Macintyre FASSA Rethinking Australian Citizenship