Annual Symposium
The Annual Symposium is the highlight of the academy's calendar. Convened by one or more Fellows and held over a full day in November in Canberra, the Annual Symposium is a public forum examining an important issue in the social sciences and/or public policy. The Symposium and the Cunningham Lecture, a public lecture immediately following the Symposium, are the cornerstones of the academy's annnual events.
Public lectures
The academy currently sponsors a number of public lectures each year, several in conjunction with a host University. As part of the academy's Outreach program, some of the lectures are held in more than one location, and videorecording and written versions of the lectures are added to the academy's website.
The Academy Roundtables are discussion sessions bringing together insider-knowledge and research expertise from the highest ranks of the public service, universities, the broader academy Fellowship and select early career researchers. By invitation, they organise discussion around a specifically selected area of public policy requiring reflection, a multitude of perspectives and ultimately the formulation of reform options that are original but also practical.
State based Fellows' initiatives
The State-based Fellows' initiatives will fund a Fellow, or Fellows, from an academy branch to convene events (such as workshops, public lectures, debates and roundtables) that address a state-based issue or an issue of local significance. Book launches are outside the ambit of this program.
The Workshop Program is a principal component of the ASSA's promotion of excellence in research in the social sciences. By means of the Workshop Program, the academy is a major facilitator of collective intellectual work in the social sciences in Australia. The aim of the Workshop Program is to identify issues of national concern in the social sciences and to focus specialist attention on them. A related aim is to position the Workshop Program at the cutting edge of social science research in this country.